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About Us

GoChair Team

John, Sam and Alexis lead a team of designers, engineers and production specialists,  all based at our facility and office in Santa Barbara, CA. It’s been five years since John and Sam initially discussed the idea of making a portable chair that was so easy to set up, with no compromise to comfort and the highest craftsmanship.  We had to harness our combined 20 years of experience developing, designing and delivering custom engineered products.

John has been an Engineer most of his life, involved with successful idea fabrication, product design and  product launches of various consumer electronics, camera accessories, medical devices, fitness and sporting equipment, and pet grooming products.  He is the co-author and co-inventor of 35 utility design U.S. patents, and applications.

Sam Chesluk is the world's foremost expert in the independent network, server and storage market. Sam's clients have access to unmatched market insights, free from OEM agenda and entirely focused on meeting their global requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Alexis Courson was responsible for sales activities, from lead generation through close for a global company serving the Biotech and Life Sciences industry.  She worked closely with clients and her internal support teams to ensure customer satisfaction and services delivery.

With our collective talents, we’ve worked hard to bring GO CHAIR ready to enter the market - one that is revolutionary, looks great,  and is functional and durable. We count on the support and feedback of the Indiegogo community to help us bring the first set of GO CHAIRs to the world

We would like to thank our team members, friends, and everyone who has helped throughout our journey. Your feedback, support, and positive encouragement have been incredibly helpful.

Thanks so much for all your support and we hope to see GO CHAIR accompany all your adventures, here and around the world.

Where will you go with GO CHAIR?  We can’t wait to hear from you.